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Caring for Your New Driveway

Important points to follow in order to prolong the life of YOUR new driveway:

  1. Keep paved surfaces free of gas and oil.
  2. Do not seal your driveway for approx. one year, this will allow the asphalt to harden by the natural oil’s getting out.
  3. NO parking or driving on the driveway for a min. 4-5 days - we suggest 1 week. The longer the driveway sits the better! Weather conditions may change this period. If in doubt, call us at (519) 742-2051.
  4. Watch sharp objects, any object such as chairs, barbecues, ladders, bike kickstands or high heels will sink in the new asphalt. BE CAREFUL for min. 1 year and in hot weather.
  5. When driving on your new driveway, avoid turning or spinning your tires. This could cause unwanted tire marks. Vehicle should be in motion prior to turning wheels. If you get tire marks, this is normal and they will disappear over time.
  6. We suggest you rotate where you park your car to allow the driveway to harden evenly. Never park close to the edges because the edges are the weakest part of your driveway.
  7. Keep paved edges level with top soil. This will strengthen the edges. If weeds appear, apply strong weed killer.


Just so you know...concrete dries from the top to the bottom...asphalt dries from the bottom to the top. This allows the oil to come out of the driveway. The oil is only there in order to keep the materials together and properly compact. Once the oil has been released from the driveway, the asphalt will be harder and stronger.

We do apply the best sealer for your driveway, so give us a call in one year.

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